Water Tank Cleaning

Clean water is absolutely vital for human existence, thus the need for water tanks to safely store water. Physically checking and maintaining water tanks is essential to ensure health and safety

It is important to keep the storage tanks and supply lines clean to ensure free flow and to reduce possible damage to the supply line due to scaling and blockages. Ideally, the water storage tanks should be cleaned bi-annually to ensure proper hygiene and water safety.

How often should water systems and storage tanks be inspected and cleaned?

One of the most common that leads to water contamination is through water storage tanks. The cleaning of which is either neglected or with inappropriate means, therefore careful maintenance and monitoring of water hygiene is essential.
It is a MUST to have your water tanks cleaned and disinfected at least every 6 months.

DCS Cleaning, and staff adheres to strict follow health and safety procedures such as confined space working, with the ability to work under full breathing apparatus where necessary. Using specialist equipment used only for potable water applications and with full water tank cleaning certificates, including photographs, provided at the time of cleaning you can ensure water quality remains perfect.