It seems that in every household, there's at least one person who leaves behind a trail of stains and spots like a path of gingerbread crumbs: the home handyman who scatters grease spots from garage

Grass spots on jeans, wine spots on tablecloths, oil stains on the driveway. And what makes it worse is that each stain calls for a different treatment. Ketchup on carpet is not treated in the same way as catsup on concrete, and on top of having to identify both the staining agent and the stained surface, you have to work fast.


The longer most stains set, the harder they are to remove without damage to the stained surface. If you haven't identified the stain correctly, or if you use an improper stain-removing agent or technique, you may make the stain permanent and cause additional damage to the stained object.





Three Types of Stains on Fabrics

Generally, stains can be divided into three types. Each type dictates certain general treatment procedures.

Greasy Stains. Lubricating and cooking oils, butter, machine grease, and similar substances produce greasy stains.

Nongreasy Stains. Nongreasy stains are produced by materials such as tea, coffee, fruit juice, food coloring, and ink., it may be impossible to remove it completely, but with our company DCS and our ecofriendly chemicals it will be removed and return to its original look.

Combination Stains. Coffee with cream, Thousand Island salad dressing, and lipstick are items that cause combination stains; that is, they combine greasy and nongreasy elements. Such stains may require double treatment-first the nongreasy elements of the stain should be treated, then the greasy residue should be removed.

Deep Clean Solution Cleaning Services concern themselves mainly with the types of stains commonly identified for removal, namely spills and soil filtration. The others fall into the category of color repair but should be understood as possible causes by the carpet and upholstery cleaning professional as conditions which cannot be addressed with stain removal techniques.