Oriental rugs are a common style of rug that originate from countries like Iran, China, and India. These rugs are known for their rich colors and unique designs and can be found in thousands of households across the world. Oriental rugs come in all shapes and varieties and are usually made from materials like wool or cotton, but can also be made from things like silk or synthetic material. Adding an oriental rug to your house can bring a room to life, but like most rugs, they are prone to getting dirty. Luckily, if you use the proper techniques to clean and care for your rug, you can keep your rug looking new for a long time.[


1. Act Promptly: This is absolutely the most important part of rug stain removal. One of the reasons why some stains just refuse to go away or require extensive removal procedures is because they were not attended to immediately. The problem with this is the longer any stain is allowed to stay on the fabric of the rug, the more stubborn it becomes and the more difficult it is to remove.

If any liquid falls onto the rug, immediately blog up the excess liquid using a clean, absorbent towel, paper napkin or any piece of cloth. Always use a white cloth to prevent any accidental color run-off from the absorbing cloth. If any solid falls onto the rug, scoop it up immediately with a clean spoon or spatula and dab with a clean towel to absorb any liquid that may be present or to remove any leftover solid crumbs.

Acting Promptly Is Your Key Weapon Against Stains

2. Pre-Test Before Using Any Cleaning Material: Before you use any cleaning material directly on the stained area, pre-test it by using it in a more inconspicuous area of the rug such as a corner. This is because some rugs may contain certain dyes that could react to some cleaning materials causing he color to fade or bleed, making it even worse than before.

3. Blot Gently Between Steps: When cleaning certain stains you may have to switch between using different liquids. This could cause excess liquid to accumulate in that area. Blotting between every step will prevent this. You have to be careful never to rub at a stain however. Rubbing a stain aggressively or scrubbing vigorously can send the stains deeper into the pile of the rug and will also abrade the rug fibers.

The recommended way to do this is by pressing the cloth down against the rug and holding it for a few minutes. If it is a deeper stain, place a folded towel or thick pad of cloth over the stain and hold it down with some weight. Keep it over the stain for a few minutes till all of the liquid is absorbed.

4. Never Use Bleach On A Persian Rug: It can be tempting to use bleach to remove a stain especially when it is a darker stain such as that left by red wine or coffee. While bleach is actually effective for removing such stains, it will also bleach away the dyes of the fibers, leaving the rug looking dull, faded and patchy.

5. After The Procedure, Dry The Rug As Soon As Possible: You should never leave a rug damp for any longer than absolutely necessary. The fastest way to dry a rug without doing any damage is to leave it under a fan or use a hair dryer for a few minutes. Do not keep it out in the sun as this can fade the rug.


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