Odor Control

Unpleasant odors create negative impressions. A bad smell can make even a shining facility seem unclean and leave a poor impression of your business on clients and visitors.

We've created a line of odor control products that can tackle even the toughest smells on nearly any surface. Instead of simply masking odors, like most air fresheners and sprays, our odor control products neutralize odors at the source so they are completely eliminated and they won't come back. Made for hospitals, food processing areas, veterinary clinics, restroom odors and anywhere bad smells have the potential to form, Deep Clean Solution Odor control products will leave your facility looking and smelling fresh and clean so you always make a positive impression on clients.


Odors can come from many different sources, but the typical kinds of odours EPA investigates are from industrial sources and premises such as sewage treatment facilities, abattoirs, animal renderers, landfills and composting facilities. Odor from domestic sources and some smaller commercial premises, such as shops and restaurants, should be referred to local council officers.

Odors can come from a variety of sources:

·        Animals: Confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs)

·        Human activities: Compost, sewage, garbage, fires, household and unexperienced cleaning agents.

·        Industry: Oil refineries, landfills, paper mills, wastewater treatment plants.

·        Nature: Moist soil, gardens, fires.

·        Vehicles: Diesel exhaust.