Public restrooms are breeding grounds for bacteria and sources for cross-contamination. As such, disinfecting these spaces should be a priority for building service contractors (BSCs) and housekeeping departments. But when it comes to using the correct disinfecting procedures, janitors often miss the mark. Some blame time constraints while others cite misconceptions about disinfection methods.

Regardless of the cause, distributors can play an important role in educating and training customers to ensure that restrooms are properly disinfected.


Distributors find that customers are often confused about what to disinfect in restrooms and how to go about it. Following are four of the most common restroom disinfection errors janitors make and how best to correct them.


"We seem to be more susceptible [to germs] today,” he says. "There are so many people in confined areas with colds and flu. When people are sick you’ve got lost productivity, and when sick kids are absent from school the school systems are not being reimbursed by the state. The list goes on.”