Fire & Smoke Damage

When a fire strikes a home, the very first priority is to extinguish the flames and make sure that all occupants of the house are safe.  However, once the fire is put out and everyone is accounted for, you are left with a heavily damaged home that is unfit for living.  Fire damage restoration is the act of cleaning and restoring property as well as personal belongings that have sustained smoke or fire damage. The goal of fire damage restoration services is to salvage damaged items and restore your home so that it can once again be inhabited.


Fire damage caused by exposed electrical wiring, cooking mishaps, or chimney fires can be devastating. Even a tiny flame from a scented candle left unattended can turn into a major disaster. 


We as DCS Restoration professionals we face unique challenges when trying to clean and restore building contents that have been affected by fire and smoke damage as the damage caused by fire is often complicated to treat. 

If you are one of those affected by a fire you will need to know the process for immediately handling the situation. DCS Cleaning Services, is a full service Restoration Company, has the knowledge, products, and equipment to assist you in initial process and the multiple decisions you have ahead.


·        Securing the house. A restoration company can board up the house and place tarps on the roof immediately after the fire to prevent weather damage.

·        Assessing the damage. They’ll inspect all the rooms to assess the damage done by fire, smoke and soot

·        Removing smoke and soot from surfaces. We have specialized equipment for these tasks.

·        Cleaning. We have specialized professional to assess the damage to all of your electronics.

·        Restoration. We have specialized professionals to clean and restore all aspects of your contents. This could include anything from photos, art restoration and furniture.