Dry ice blasting basically removes all material which reacts strongly to differences in temperature. Paint, varnish, adhesive, oil, wax, residues in bakeries, bitumen, synthetic residues and foams (e.g. PU) etc. are removed easily without damaging or altering the surface. Even delicate parts like switch boards and other electric components can be cleaned gently. Dry Ice Blasting is virtually non-abrasive, this technology is especially highly recommended for gentle and effective cleaning of molds of any type and material in all industries (e.g. ingot molds, core boxes, injection molds, high pressure die casting molds, molds.

Therefore, in the field of this technology DCS has specialized in offering individual and complete solutions for the specific needs of customers. These individual solutions can start with a single dry ice blasting machine. Further solutions using in-house dry ice production can increase quality and flexibility in cleaning.